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Download instructions describe the standard Windows image download procedure.

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1. Click your RIGHT mouse button anywhere on the image shown at the right and select 'Save picture as' from the menu that appears.

2. Remember the file name as it appears in the "File Name" area. Or if you'd like you may re-name the file at this time. (the file name should include the extension .jpg or .bmp)

3, Take notice of the directory location on your hard drive that the image file will be saved in. (indicated in the "Save In" area)  If you make a note of the directory location, you will be able to find it using the FIND "Files or Folders" in the start menu.

The procedure may vary slightly in different versions of INTERNET EXPLORER,  NETSCAPE or on MACS.

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If you have are unable to download the images please contact and indicate which Images you'd like to receive via email.



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